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Adams Apparel Ltd, is a trading company exporting ready made garments to South America, Europe and the Middle East. Our wholly foreign owned enterprise is based in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

Manoj Arjan Ramchandani is the sole proprietor of Adams Apparel Ltd and has a total of 22 years of experience in garments out of which he has spent 15 years in China.

He has personally fostered and nurtured his kinship with the choicest factories in China. He has mastered the Chinese business philosophy and he looks upon it with great respect and admiration.

We take pride in our in-depth knowledge on manufacturing garments. We like to believe this allows us to provide our clients with quality products at the competitive prices.

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Hong Kong
P:00852 2736 4745
P:00852 2375 6513
Room 806´╝îbuilding no.31
1555 west Jinshajiang Rd.
Shanghai 201800. P.R.C.
P:86-21-5289 6191

Design and Development

We travel to fashion hot spots to identify the latest fashion trends. We develop those trends and collections with our buyers according to their specific needs.

Our Staff also travel to the customer's local presence to study the local trends. We also often travel to industry fairs to get a deeper understanding of the trends.

Fabric Sourcing, new finishes, Washes: Constantly working on new fabrics, trims and experimenting with new washes to suit our buyer's styles is part of our development process.

Order Confirmation and Merchandising

Good merchandising is the key to successful execution of a customer's request. Every inquiry/order is handled with our in house sops ( standard operating procedures ) to reduce risks.

Our merchandisers are experienced professionals, most of them having specific factory experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories.

Based on the points the business team brings value to the customer, not only in terms of communication and follow-up, but also in terms of making a better product over all which sells well at the point of sale.

Quality Control

We believe in delivering the best quality product to the customer. We have a dedicated quality control team to ensure the best quality product is being made. Our team visits the factories to ensure AQL 2.5 quality control protocols are adhered. Processes have been laid to teach and ensure factories are upto the level of quality requirements.

Logistics and Payments

Our shipping team ensures that the communication between the forwarder and the various suppliers is smooth and seamless and that correct information is relayed to our buyer's import department. This team is also responsible for making sure that all documentation requirements, such as the requisite forms. L/c conditions etc are met as per the specification.


Limited Company: An incorporated business owned by Mr. Manoj Arjun Ramchandani registered in Hong Kong. The individual receives all profits or losses. Trading office of this holding company is based in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China.

Licences: Adams Apparel Limited has been incorporated in Hong Kong under the companies ordinance chapter 32 and that this company is limited as of 20th March 2008

Incorporation Certificate number 1219352